Live in exquisite luxury and have access to all the natural treasure at your fingertips

Guided Inspiring Art CreationFreely Unwind
Soul & Mind with Nature

Seasonal Regional BIO BasketOrganic Body
Nourishment with Purification

BIO TeatimeNatural Organic
Rejuvenation & Invigoration

HAVE A phenomenal LIFE experience
In LovE

Over 55000m² private oceanfront open space with over 1000 Organic Olives, Figs, Almonds trees, etc…. Secret Paradise for the Individuals who look for vital and healthy lifestyles in pure nature.


Amazing place to enjoy Good Life

Set the time aside in order to find
the feeling of Ease

Peaceful place to enjoy Beautiful Life

Exquisite Relaxation

Beautifully Brings Perfect Rejuvenation & Invigoration

Ground Yourself in Earth
enjoy Ultimate Ease

Experience the Perfect Harmony between Earth and Inner Being

“The SUNLAKE” the traditional delicate style with over 380m² exquisite interior design space within organic structures has its own irreplaceable charm. 

With its own pristine waters of pure nature, enjoy private SPA, waterfront southern sunbathing, peaceful walk in the forests, and watching stars in nature. Then, before end of the day, dinning next to water with peaceful candlelight will further bring body the ultimate ease for preparing a good nourishing sleep which gives you the perfect Rejuvenation and Invigoration you always desire. 

Be in Vibrational Alignment with Your Inner Being

Maintain a constant state of Joy and Well-Being

Unwind into Nature
Stay with
the perfect state of wellbeing.

Vibrate High, Feel Light with the Greatest Ease in life.

This wonderful waterfront dreamland is a special place where you can quiet your mind, and appreciate the various beauty from 4 seasons. Meditating, reading or sunbathing in front of lake were some of the pleasures you will thoroughly enjoy during the beautiful stay. The Energy form Mother Earth from “The SUNLAKE” will naturally bring you back to the perfect state of wellbeing which makes body and mind constantly vibrate high and feel light with the greatest ease in life. Then profoundly Acknowledge the beauty that is around you that is being prepared for you to help you rise above.

comforting refreshing

Feel greatest Ease and Peace again in Life