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Vibrate High
Feel Light
Fulfilled Life

If you ever dreamed about a peaceful life experience with pure high vibrational NATURE ENERGY in a picturesque place set in one of the world’s most secret exclusive location, those dream places are for you……


BIOnatural VIbrational Energy Re-Align

Purify & Nourish
Body, soul, and Mind

Be in Vibrational Alignment with Mother Earth, Naturally Connet to INNER BEING with Infinite Ease

A Top Renowned Brand
Leading the premium quality
Properties & Experiences
Throughout the world

Luxury Real Estate

natural Retreat

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take good care of yourself
unconditional love

Stay in High Vibrations by deeply Grounding yourself in Nature

Gratefully Utilising the Natural Resources from Mother Nature


Our deepest Desire is wanting you to Joyfully live in the Presence with greatest Ease. Appreciate the Present of Life, and eager for more of what’s coming in life…

BIOVIERA Exclusive edition

high vibrational energy
Natural properties


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The SEE, Germany

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The STREAM, Germany

rustic natural style especially for the individuals who seek authentic natural lifestyle with simplicity and harmony.

The SUNLAKE, Germany

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The founder of BIOVIERA

Lin and Markus love being surrounded by pure nature and appreciate a high vibration healthy lifestyle. They have been married for over 6 years, since then they gave a birth to BIOVIERA during their fantastic life journey.

In their life journey, they continually enjoy to harmoniously co-create with Mother Earth a sustainable living while respecting nature, because they deeply believe every existence has its own Devine purpose which is wonderful and meaningful. 

Creating the worldwide peaceful places and experiences with which people can naturally unwind themselves into the natural high energy to find their inner ease, then constantly stay happy and healthy as they do is the greatest achievement from Lin and Markus. 

purpose of Creating BIOVIERA

Humans are part of the nature, and that’s where we all began and to endThat’s the reason when you live more natural, your energy changes and begins to vibrate at a higher frequency causing you to automatically be more sensitive to the energy of Earth which is a spiritual universe. This can profoundly result in experiencing positive emotions like unconditional love which naturally rebalance your emotional and physical body to make you feel heart soothing with greatest peace and happiness.

The deepest desire from BIOVIERA is wanting you to joyfully live life with greatest eace. 

 That’s why BIOVIERA is established: to organically create worldwide peaceful places and beautiful experiences in pure nature with high vibrational energy from Mother Earth in which you can ground yourself in nature and connect to more much higher vibe natural energy, then Be more in Vibrational Alignment with Your Inner Being to Maintain a constant state of Joy and Well-Being.

Greatest Vision


Purify and Nourish yourself with the High natural Energy from 

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Unconditional Self loving

  • first and the foremost, build the healthy relationship between you and you. by doing so, you bring your own world into balance. and Establish constant harmony within you.
  • generate love within you, which make you feel complete, whole   know your alignment do not depend on others behaviours, and you do not need any reason to feel good, because being unconditionally happy is your birth right
  • deserve the life full of  unconditional love, happiness  

Continual Self expanding

  • focus on self growth and development 
  • allow yourself to be who you prefer to be  utterly return to your true nature. Be true to what you are created to be  The true measure of success is being more of yourself to the best of your ability at every given moment in life
  • fully awakening to who and what you truly are
  • unlock your full potential to deliberately create the life you truly desire 
  • live life totally the way you wish to

Natural Self Care-taking Appreciate

  • Naturally Purifying | Nourishing with pure natural high energy     body soul, mind
  • reconnect to your inner being, the higher self 
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Be in Vibrational Alignment with Your Inner Being

Maintain a constant state of Joy and Well-Being

About LIN

Born on earth this life time. She loves Nature, and grew up with traditional Asian culture, and fascinated by world-wide amazing local culture with handmade houses vernacular architecture made of local nature materials while respecting other nature   She speak Chinese, Taiwanese, English, and German. Studied in Yuilin, Taiwan, and Tokyo for junior high. Graduated with architecture degrees with top 2% performance from Feng-chia University, one of the most renowned historical university for Architecture throughout Asia. Used to work as an Architect in Taipei, Shanhain, afterwards, was invited by German architect to work in Berlin for various awesome international projects because of her cross culture background with personal individual taste and outstanding talents. 

In 21th of December, 2012, she traveled to Sydney and Austria with husband for a long marvellous journey by only living with high energy of Pure Nature and Ocean. In between, they went Capadocia and Matera for the survey of vernacular natural cave dwellings, Trullos  . Afterwards, Egypt for visiting most of the pyramids in Egypt, with powerful universal energy which enlighten and inspire her, and dramatically changed her life.

She realizes Everything is consciousness expressing itself as energy(everyone of us is all extension of source energy) the power of nature make her Eager for authentic lifestyle with simplicity and harmony 

Those beautiful experiences with Mother Nature during her life journey create the profound impact on her.    discover the natural way of living 

which reminded her of thinking that Earlier her lifetime, she spent months for great spiritual journey in India.

She always believes learning by doing is the greatest approach of continual creating masterpiece. 


In 2013, she began to write the new story about her life. She co-creates BIOVIERA in Germany together with husband, Markus Lühmann- the founder of Wistor one of the most influential business institute for career and founder life couching throughout the world.

through bioviera, she wants to deliver the belief of natural way of living which can bring you more ease and wellness with greatest happiness in life.   ease for people through her creation. live a good life 

she always follow inner intuition and guidance to create her life, always follow her own heart desire to live the complete life.  her deepest desire is to harmoniously co-create the world with mother earth in a loving sustainable way while respect nature and each individual on this planet.

ground yourself in nature, soothe
body, soul and mind
with Natural Energy

This breathtaking dreamland is considered one of the most spectacular place in Germany with its own Special Energy which will magically soothe the body, soul, and mind. Meanwhile, It provides the exclusive site with stunning view toward the elegant scene of magnificent ancient architecture dates back to the 17th century.

For with freedom comes the true joy of living

Free Yourself In Pure Nature

the best care of yourself naturally
with Love

This beautiful place was initially developed by one of the most wealthy family from the region. It was the place where they utilise natural energy to take the best care of their body and mind. For the purpose of body relaxation and rejuvenationthey have created this wonderful, peaceful, beautiful dream place out of Love

Have Closest contact with Nature
enjoy greatest Ease in life

This riverfront retreat- “The STREAM” with delicate vintage style has its own irreplaceable charm. It consists of own private forest, one fresh organic herbs garden with a natural biotope pond, five open-air riverside terraces, and two private river accesses where you can dock your own boats and swim right in front the door. The powerful energy from “The STREAM” will make you constantly Vibrate High, and Feel Light with enjoying the Greatest Ease in life.        

Exquisite Riverfront Relaxation
bring you perfect
Rejuvenation & Invigoration

With its private river access and pristine waters of pure nature, enjoy swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and fishing in nature. Then, before end of the day, dinning next to river with peaceful candlelight will further bring you the ultimate ease for preparing you a good nourishing sleep which gives you the perfect Rejuvenation and Invigoration you always desire.  

Unwind yourself into pure Nature
bring you the perfect state of wellbeing

The STREAM of Well-Being that flows to you from Mother Nature is never-ending ! The high energy from “The Stream” will naturally bring you back to the perfect state of wellbeing, and you will realise each of every existence is a magnificent   and unique embodiment of Divine Love. You will feel so light and free, then profoundly Acknowledge the beauty that is around you that is being prepared for you to help you rise above.

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private WATERFRONT properties
natural HIGH Energy

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Canary Islands beachfront property

''THE SUNWAVES''- with primeval Volcanic Open-Air Spa

Canary Islands beachfront property

''THE SUNWAVES''- with primeval Volcanic Open-Air Spa

Canary Islands beachfront property

''THE SUNWAVES''- with primeval Volcanic Open-Air Spa

Canary Islands beachfront property

''THE SUNWAVES''- with primeval Volcanic Open-Air Spa

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