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Peaceful place to experience and enjoy Beautiful Life


Private SPA



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An exquisite luxury hotel, offering old-world charm, opulent colonial-era suites, an excellent choice of restaurants

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SUNLAKE, Germany


German TRADITIONAL Historical Waterfront Fachwerkhäuser


''The STREAM'', Germany

 “The Stream”, the natural high energy retreat in a Private riverfront forests right inside the natural protected area with 180° Open river view, an Organic fresh herbs garden, 2 Private water accesses, and 5 Riverfront terraces. Furthermore, with sunshine all day long in Summer perfectly presents its own distinctive charm. 

Purify and Nourish yourself with the High natural Energy from the spectacular combination of sun, wooded forest, peaceful old trees, and flowing river which will definitely bring you the perfect Stream of Well-being

with Green Forest, Peaceful Trees, and Flowing River

Be in Vibrational Alignment with Your Inner Being

Maintain a constant state of Joy and Well-Being

Exclusive RIVERFRONT Retreat

This fairytale wonderland uniquely situated on top of flowing river with gently rolling hills surrounded by nature wooded forests. It’s perfectly located right inside the natural protected forest with high vibrational soothing energy which bring you to the Vibrational Alignment with Your Inner Being. Then, perfectly Maintain a constant state of Joy and Well-Being.

Enveloped by high Energy
from Mother Earth
Return to natural Life
Infinite Peace

In ”The STREAM”, you will be completely enveloped by High Natural Energy from the green wooded forest, peaceful old trees, beautiful flowing river, and profoundly have the Closest contact with beautiful Mother Earth. Then, All you want to do is completely to be in the moment and enjoy the Now. This is the place Where You Can easily reach better feeling with Inner Peace & Ease, and it is Especially created for the individuals Who Eager For Returning To Authentic Natural Lifestyles With great Simplicity and Harmony.

ground yourself in nature, soothe
body, soul and mind
with Natural Energy

This breathtaking dreamland is considered one of the most spectacular place in Germany with its own Special Energy which will magically soothe the body, soul, and mind. Meanwhile, It provides the exclusive site with stunning view toward the elegant scene of magnificent ancient architecture dates back to the 17th century.

For with freedom comes the true joy of living

Free Yourself In Pure Nature

the best care of yourself naturally
with Love

This beautiful place was initially developed by one of the most wealthy family from the region. It was the place where they utilise natural energy to take the best care of their body and mind. For the purpose of body relaxation and rejuvenationthey have created this wonderful, peaceful, beautiful dream place out of Love

Have Closest contact with Nature
enjoy greatest Ease in life

This riverfront retreat- “The STREAM” with delicate vintage style has its own irreplaceable charm. It consists of own private forest, one fresh organic herbs garden with a natural biotope pond, five open-air riverside terraces, and two private river accesses where you can dock your own boats and swim right in front the door. The powerful energy from “The STREAM” will make you constantly Vibrate High, and Feel Light with enjoying the Greatest Ease in life.        

Exquisite Riverfront Relaxation
bring you perfect
Rejuvenation & Invigoration

With its private river access and pristine waters of pure nature, enjoy swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and fishing in nature. Then, before end of the day, dinning next to river with peaceful candlelight will further bring you the ultimate ease for preparing you a good nourishing sleep which gives you the perfect Rejuvenation and Invigoration you always desire.  

Unwind yourself into pure Nature
bring you the perfect state of wellbeing

The STREAM of Well-Being that flows to you from Mother Nature is never-ending ! The high energy from “The Stream” will naturally bring you back to the perfect state of wellbeing, and you will realise each of every existence is a magnificent   and unique embodiment of Divine Love. You will feel so light and free, then profoundly Acknowledge the beauty that is around you that is being prepared for you to help you rise above.

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